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  • How many weeks are good for the maternity photo shoot?
    We usually recommend between 30-35weeks
  • What would be the recommended outfit for maternity shoots?
    We would recommend going for long dresses that are in colours of white/ milky cream or rustic colours. you can also add-on to rent nice dress from our vendor, @whimseyjune or @bells&birds
  • How many months is recommended for the newborn shoots?
    We usually recommend the newborns to be between 4-6 weeks
  • Do you include props & decorations?
    There are no props and decor for memoire package. However, you can add-on a decor set from with an additional fees (depends on the design).
  • Do you provide a makeup service?
    Top up 280SGD for 1 makeup & hairdo with our fav makeup artist from @adeline.ariel
  • What is the Memoire Package?
    It is a Package that grants you three photoshoot sessions with our friendly Love By Wander photographers who will document your journey raising a child from maternity to to your baby's 100 day! The timeline is as follows... 1) Maternity shoot of your 30-35 week old baby 2) Newborn shoot of your 4-5 week old baby 3) Lastly, a shoot to celebrate your child's 100 day! To read more in depth, click here read more!
  • I’m looking for an outdoor session. Is there any recommendation?
    Gallop Extension@Botanic Gardens, Awaa Mansion, Jurong Lake Gardens, Canterbury, East Coast Park not restricted to these places
  • What are the best timing for an outdoor shoot?
    Morning 8-10am, Evening 4-6pm
  • When is the best period for a Newborn shoot?
    After 4 weeks old.
  • What is the payment term like?
    100% full payment upon confirmation
  • What is your Newborn shoot style?
    Here at Love By Wander, we capture interactions and day-to-day moments between your family members. We do not accommodate Newborn wrapping style
  • If I were to take studio slots, are there any props available?"
    Yes, we have a variety of props available in studio. You can refer to our Instagram Studio highlights for the look.
  • Can I choose photographers?
    Strictly no choosing photographers. All of our photographers well-trained and following our Love By Wander style.
  • Where I can see works of your photographers?
    You may check out our instagram page, @associates_lovebywander and @director_lovebywander
  • Are we allowed to reschedule or postpone the session?
    If due to unforeseen circumstances, we are able to reschedule or postpone within 6 months from the initial arranged session date.
  • In the event that it rains for outdoor shoot, will we be able to reschedule the session?
    Yes, we can reschedule or postpone the session within 6 months when we don't find the weather is good for photoshoot. Usually we will do a rain check 2hours before the photo session start.
  • Can I please confirm that only 40 photos will be returned per shoot instead of all the photos? And these 40 photos will be edited?
    We will share with you all the photos to choose in low resolution jpeg files via email. You can pick & drag the 40 photos you want to edit to the dedicated folder named "Selected" . We will edit accordingly and the results will be high resolution edited photos.
  • Did you do photoshop for the photos?
    Unfortunately we don't do photoshop for the photos. We aim to keep the natural form for our family albums as we want our clients to feel the warmhearted & precious moment we captured. Only minor adjustment or brush for the dirt & pimples.
  • Imagine kids / babies to be cranky at times, how will the photos turn out to be?
    Usually we will advice to let the baby sleep and eat well 1 hour before the session start. Ensure the baby feeling great and good mood. If let's say baby is still cranky, we will advice to feed or breastfeeding the baby, make the baby sleep while we still capturing all these moment as part of every family reality memory. We don't aim to just take posey shots instead we do capture lifestyle shots as well.
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